Diesel Progress Goes Trenchless

In August of 2023 the Michael Byrne Mfg. D72-1.5M Auger Boring machine was called into action on the California Coast to alleviate HWY 1 washouts from the spring season storms.  Pacific Boring, located in Caruthers, California, was awarded the bid for this emergency job in Santa Barbara County.  The job required 140 ft. of 60″ casing be installed at a negative 15% slope through challenging ground conditions.

Diesel Progress magazine contributor Meredith Pierick was on site to observe the “Secret Weapon” being utilized to perform this difficult installation.  See the article that appeared in the Diesel Progress November/December 2023 issue: Diesel Progress November / December 2023 | Powered by Pocketmags

Michael Byrne Mfg. Names Kevin Slarb International Sales Manager

February 2021 – Kevin Slarb has been named Michael Byrne Mfg.’s Inside and International Sales Manager. Kevin has over 20 years experience in the trenchless technology industry. His knowledge of the underground industry, equipment, parts and service have made him a valuable resource to many contractors. Kevin was the go-to guy for many international customers while at American Augers and will continue that role with Michael Byrne Mfg. Kevin will work with Dave Miller in supporting sales for our expanding customer base. Michael Byrne Mfg. continues to strengthen their team and service capabilities with the addition of Kevin Slarb, welcome aboard.

Michael Byrne Mfg. Expands International Network with MORTEC Ltd.

Michael Byrne Mfg. announces the addition of MORTEC Ltd. to represent MBM products in Israel. MORTEC was established in 2007 and supplies equipment for the construction, infrastructure, agriculture, and recycling industries. MORTEC has widespread connections throughout the Israeli market providing the following services:

  • Advice and guidance in choosing the right tool for the job
  • Operational instruction and on job support
  • Mobile and shop repair services
  • Wear and maintenance parts supply

MORTEC will represent all Michael Byrne underground tooling products including: auger boring machines, auger, cutting heads, adapters, and HDD components.

Arnon Mor, CEO

Office: +972 (0)8 9352707

Mobile: +972 (0)50 5770295

E-mail: arnonmor@mortec.co.il

Website: https://mortec.co.il/


Michael Byrne Mfg. expands Canadian Network with Sub-Surface

Michael Byrne Manufacturing announces the addition of Sub-Surface Equipment and Mike Shannon to represent MBM products in Western Canada.  Mike has extensive background in the underground utility construction market with over 20 years providing equipment and tooling solutions to contractors.  Michael Byrne Mfg. continues to supply parts factory direct to contractors, ensuring the fastest turn around time and delivery to the customer.  Mike Shannon can be reached via e-mail at subsurface@telus.net or call 250-558-9716.

Contractor Bores 440 feet in Hard Caliche Rock

Horizontal Boring & Tunneling, of Phoenix, AZ, recently completed a 54″ diameter bore 440’ in length through hard, caliche rock. The project required a 24″ sewage line be installed under I-17 in Anthem, AZ. Horizontal Boring used a Michael Byrne Mfg. D72-1.5M auger boring machine and a 54” retractable, roller cone cutting head to complete the job.

The roller cone head features a spring-loaded overcut. This allows the cutting head to be retracted back through the casing for repair or for line & grade confirmation.

To combat the tough ground conditions the cutters on the roller cone were changed twice during the bore. Additionally, the cutting head was cooled with lubricant to prolong the life of the cutters and the bearings.

Roller cones are typically used in hard rock applications, where the rock hardness is between 10,000 – 40,000 psi.

Pipelines Are The Safest Delivery Method

The delivery of Natural Gas via pipelines continues to be the most cost effective and safest delivery method. Studies continue to verify pipelines as the safest and most environmentally safe delivery method  https://www.aga.org/research/fact-sheets/pipeline-safety/.  The export of LNG has recently made the United States the number one exporter of LNG.  The export of LNG strengthens the US economy and provides a source for our Allies to source compared to competitive nations that are not friendly to the United States.  Natural Gas is also firing many of our electric generation plants and driving down the carbon footprint for these institutions making electric cars, LNG vehicles, and a whole new industry more environmentally friendly. The advances in trenchless technology as well as tried and trusted methods like auger boring used in conjunction with Guided Pilot Bore machines continue to make the installation and maintenance of pipelines among the safest ways to install and transport materials.

ASCE Report Card for Infrastructure

The American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) will be grading the nations stormwater for the first time in 2021! The Trenchless Technology magazine article notes that the 2017 grading of the United States infrastructure was a D+, while this sounds terrible it was improvement from the previous grading period.  We need our legislature to come together and do what is best for our Country and quit backbiting each other. Using a simple A to F school report card format, ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card provides a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure conditions and needs and assigning grades and making recommendations to raise them. The ASCE Committee on America’s Infrastructure, made up of expert civil engineers from across the country, assigns grades using the following criteria: capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, resilience and innovation. Additional information regarding the Infrastructure Report Card and state report card program may be found on infrastructurereportcard.org.