Environmental Division

Drum Auger –TSDF- HAZ-Waste

If your business requires the removal and treatment of liquid or solid waste materials from 55 Gallon Drums, the Michael Byrne Drum Augering Machine is just what you need to accomplish the job quickly and at reduced costs.

Our machine can empty liquids in just seconds and can empty medium solids in less than a minute using a single operator. Our exclusive design ensures fast cycle times, minimum residue, safety features and guards.

Optimal equipment for this machine includes a drum crusher attachment which will reduce a 55 gallon steel drum to 3″ height in a matter of seconds for easy disposability.

Drum Crushing –TSDF- HAZ-Waste

The Michael Byrne Drum Crusher is fully automated and compacts a 55 gallon drum to a height of 3″ in a matter of seconds.

Safety is a primary concern in the design of all Michael Byrne products, our drum crusher contains several safety devices to ensure employee safety. The quick loading cycles, low maintenance, and single operator system enables our customers to accomplish the job quickly and at reduced costs.

drum crusher

Fuel Blending TSDF and Cement Kilns

Fuel Blending Tanks are designed to meet customer specifications according to type, description, quality, capacity, consistency, pressure, and space requirements.

The exclusive mechanical seal reduces wear and possible leaks; a safety in the seal prevents operation of the blender if seal is not pressurized accurately.

The fuel blender rotor is dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation. Junk chutes allow the collection and disposal of unwanted materials without interrupting the processing cycle.

fuel blender

Metal Washer

Michael Byrne has designed and engineered a Metal Washing system to clean residue material from various drums and other metals that have been processed and require cleaning for reclamation.

This system has been in operation for over 8 years with minimal maintenance and repairs. If your company’s hazardous waste requires a heavy-duty system to cost effectively process metals for recycling, turn to Michael Byrne’s 30 years of experience and knowledge.

We can accommodate most sizes and materials. For further information, please contact us: 419.525.1214, 800.613.7206 or email our President, Jim Weist: jweist@byrnegroup.com

metal washer

TSDF Turn Key Haz-Waste Recycling Equipment

If your business requires the removal and treatment of liquid or solid waste materials Michael Byrne Manufacturing can design, engineer, and manufacture a system to meet your needs.

The MBDA-200 Drum Augering Machine can extract liquids in under 15 seconds and soft to medium solids in less than 30 seconds using a single operator. The drum clamping system is designed for no-spin, even with the extraction of concrete from a drum…truly amazing!

Michael Byrne products get the job done quickly and at a reduced cost, our 40 years of manufacturing experience make us your best buy for quality, dependability, and service after the sale.