As talk of an infrastructure stimulus bill increases, special focus will be on economic and environmentally friendly solutions.  Trenchless Technology should be strongly considered to reduce cost, reduce social impact and lower the carbon footprint of the construction efforts.  An article published in Trenchless Technology Magazine in April of 2015 outlines the benefits of trenchless solutions compared to open cut construction.  In Yuma, AZ a case study was done on a water line replacement project. Open cut and trenchless construction were used throughout the project and each were evaluated for environmental impact, traffic impact and productivity. The trenchless portion of the project was found to have significantly lower environmental and traffic impact as well as four times the productivity of the open cut projects. NASTT 2019 Hall of Famer Chris Macy’s speech at No-Dig 2019 detailed the many benefits of trenchless construction including the incredible cost and environmental savings compared to open cut for many underground projects.  Congress we all know we need an Infrastructure bill, GET IT DONE!