Michael Byrne Mfg. Names Kevin Slarb International Sales Manager

February 2021 – Kevin Slarb has been named Michael Byrne Mfg.’s Inside and International Sales Manager. Kevin has over 20 years experience in the trenchless technology industry. His knowledge of the underground industry, equipment, parts and service have made him a valuable resource to many contractors. Kevin was the go-to guy for many international customers while at American Augers and will continue that role with Michael Byrne Mfg. Kevin will work with Dave Miller in supporting sales for our expanding customer base. Michael Byrne Mfg. continues to strengthen their team and service capabilities with the addition of Kevin Slarb, welcome aboard.

Michael Byrne Mfg. Expands International Network with MORTEC Ltd.

Michael Byrne Mfg. announces the addition of MORTEC Ltd. to represent MBM products in Israel. MORTEC was established in 2007 and supplies equipment for the construction, infrastructure, agriculture, and recycling industries. MORTEC has widespread connections throughout the Israeli market providing the following services:

  • Advice and guidance in choosing the right tool for the job
  • Operational instruction and on job support
  • Mobile and shop repair services
  • Wear and maintenance parts supply

MORTEC will represent all Michael Byrne underground tooling products including: auger boring machines, auger, cutting heads, adapters, and HDD components.

Arnon Mor, CEO

Office: +972 (0)8 9352707

Mobile: +972 (0)50 5770295

E-mail: arnonmor@mortec.co.il

Website: https://mortec.co.il/


Contractor Bores 440 feet in Hard Caliche Rock

Horizontal Boring & Tunneling, of Phoenix, AZ, recently completed a 54″ diameter bore 440’ in length through hard, caliche rock. The project required a 24″ sewage line be installed under I-17 in Anthem, AZ. Horizontal Boring used a Michael Byrne Mfg. D72-1.5M auger boring machine and a 54” retractable, roller cone cutting head to complete the job.

The roller cone head features a spring-loaded overcut. This allows the cutting head to be retracted back through the casing for repair or for line & grade confirmation.

To combat the tough ground conditions the cutters on the roller cone were changed twice during the bore. Additionally, the cutting head was cooled with lubricant to prolong the life of the cutters and the bearings.

Roller cones are typically used in hard rock applications, where the rock hardness is between 10,000 – 40,000 psi.


As talk of an infrastructure stimulus bill increases, special focus will be on economic and environmentally friendly solutions.  Trenchless Technology should be strongly considered to reduce cost, reduce social impact and lower the carbon footprint of the construction efforts.  An article published in Trenchless Technology Magazine in April of 2015 outlines the benefits of trenchless solutions compared to open cut construction.  In Yuma, AZ a case study was done on a water line replacement project. Open cut and trenchless construction were used throughout the project and each were evaluated for environmental impact, traffic impact and productivity. The trenchless portion of the project was found to have significantly lower environmental and traffic impact as well as four times the productivity of the open cut projects. NASTT 2019 Hall of Famer Chris Macy’s speech at No-Dig 2019 detailed the many benefits of trenchless construction including the incredible cost and environmental savings compared to open cut for many underground projects.  Congress we all know we need an Infrastructure bill, GET IT DONE! 

Contractor Uses Live Swivel Head for Precision Bore Job

API Contracting/Cornerstone Boring used a Michael Byrne 42” live swivel cutting head for a very tight and low ground cover auger bore in Paducah, KY.   The bore crossed a highway and on-ramp with portions of the on ramp having only 2 feet of cover.  It was completed using the Akkerman 240 Guided Bore Machine to pilot the initial bore path. That pilot was followed with a conventional auger bore machine and the Michael Byrne 42” live swivel cutting head.

The 42” swivel head uses a threaded coupling that is attached to the pilot bore tubes. The needle of the cutting head is inserted into the adapter coupling and seated against the face of the cutting head 3” male hex.  The boring machine proceeds to bore in a typical auger bore method.  The swivel cutting head pushes the pilot tubes out of the exit pit as the cutting head follows the path of the pilot tubes opening the bore to the desired 42” diameter.  The cutting head is made with thrust bearings and can handle thrust and radial loading. Care must be used with this method of precision boring by letting the cutting teeth bore the hole and do the work. Putting too much thrust pressure on the head could damage the bearings.

42" Swivel Head in Casing
42″ Swivel Head in Casing

API/ Cornerstone has performed numerous precision auger bores using the live swivel head and the Akkerman guided bore system.  Underground work often runs into unforeseen obstacles, one of which is changing ground conditions. The live swivel lets you pull your cutting head and auger back to check the face of the bore. The tapered front needle of the swivel will let the head re-seat into the coupling attached to the pilot tubes and continue your bore.

Swivel head aligned with pilot tube

D48-950 performs successful bore through tough conditions in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Total Trenchless of Calgary, AB completed a difficult bore using an MBM D48-950 to install a 30″ drainage culvert under Highway 63 in Fort McMurray, AB. From Brett Stephens, Owner, “We put our new Micahel Byrne Mfg. D48-950 to work this past week! What a powerhouse of a machine! It wasn’t your typical bore pit, the launch pad was built up to install a 30” drainage culvert high on a slope. The Komatsu dozer isn’t your ordinary push block but it served the purpose! The MBM boring machine performed for us in the tough, boney ground under Highway 63, Fort McMurray Alberta. These rigs are built tough!”

Thanks to the Total Trenchless crew for Making Boring Great!

MBM D48-950

2019 ICUEE Show – A Great Success

Michael Byrne Mfg. exhibited at the 2019 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY Oct. 1st – 3rd. The turnout was excellent and the days were HOT as the temperature exceeded 95 degrees each day of the show.  Thanks to all attendees who beat the heat at the show.  Making Boring Great Again was the theme for the week as Trenchless projects continue to expand in applications and technology.  Michael Byrne Mfg. showcased a D48-950 machine at the Akkerman outdoor display (Booth K105) with the 240 Akkerman Guided Bore Machine. The combination of the Akkerman GBM, the Michael Byrne D48-950 and swivel cutting head provide the contractor with an extremely accurate method to install pipe under all types of trenchless applications.  MBM also had a booth inside the hall for attendees that were looking to cool down. 

ICUEE 2019 included over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and solutions for the utility construction industry. Exhibitors covered a record 1.34 million sq. ft. or more than 30 acres. Exhibits included the show’s signature hands-on equipment test drives and interactive product demonstrations.  The ICUEE show set attendance records with over 19,000 people from the US, Canada and 65 countries from around the world.  For more information see the article in Construction equipment Guide: https://www.constructionequipmentguide.com/icuee-2019-shatters-attendance-records-with-more/46300 .  

MBM D48-950 & Akkerman GBM240
MBM 48″ Swivel Cutting Head